Retail Pro does not officially support or make recommendations for any specific Anti-Virus software. In our testing we use McAfee antivirus software without any issues. When configuring your Anti-Virus for active scanning we strongly recommend that you exclude the following

In all versions of V8:

The Retail level directory and all sub directories.

In all versions of V9:

The Oracle directory and all sub directories.
The RetailPro9 directory and all sub directories.

This prevents issues with file locking conflicts as well as performance issues. We also recommend temporarily disabling your Anti-Virus software during the installation process.

We do recommend that you perform regular full scans of your hard drive for viruses. When performing a virus scan, and using V9, please be sure that you stop the Oracle services prior to beginning the scan. The Oracle datafiles can be damaged if another process attempts to read the datafile while the services are running.

Important Note: When finished with the virus scan please be sure to verify that no Oracle datafiles have been quaratined, moved or deleted from the system.