The server identity file is a special file that helps a store recover from a hard drive failure or other catastrophic failure to a server machine.


Why should you use a Server Identity File?

Using the identify server file, the RP Prism install program will do the work needed to ensure the machine can claim its former node in the enterprise.

If you do not use an identity script to rebuild a controller it will be unable to claim its former node when joining the enterprise. The file contains necessary SID information to re-install RP Prism using the same controller, store, and subsidiary as before.


When should you create a Server Identity File?

Because of its crucial role in restoring a system, you should create a server identity file at the first opportunity, as when you add the connection to the server itself in the Technician's Toolkit. After adding the connection, you can export the identity script.


How to export Server Identity File

  1. Go into Tech Toolkit and select the connection in the drop down.   
  2. Click the Enterprise Manager button.   
  3. Click Export identity script.    
  4. Select the controller to be exported. Select the type of server: Oracle or MySQL. Change the default export controller, if necessary. Click OK.  



Tech Toolkit


Referencing Server Identity File during Installation

During the RP Prism server install, the wizard will ask if you have a server identity file. This file is for a specific use case that must be handled at the beginning of the install process.

Specifically, if a server crashes and needs to be rebuilt, referencing the file will ensure the SIDs generated during the install will be consistent between the old install and the new install. Without the server identity file, mismatching SIDs will result.

When installing the RP Prism server, click the check box and then click the Select File button. Navigate to the file and click Next to proceed with the install using the selected server identity file.



Server Identity File